Do you offer a guarantee on any factory fault that affects the quality of the product?
We know how frustrating this can be and always want to make sure every order is perfect! Once you receive your order, please thoroughly check the delivered items immediately. If you believe an item is missing/defective/not part of your order, please contact us within two days of receiving the product and let us know. We will work with you to correct the order as quickly as possible.


If the size is wrong, can I exchange my purchase?

In most cases yes, please inquire before ordering if that model can be exchanged. No refunds will be possible if the size does not fit, either the correct item or another item will be supplied instead.

How does an exchange work?

The purchaser sends the wrong pair of shoes or boots back to Stiefelmann Shoes SA and once the pair has been received the new pair will be despatched.

Who pays for the exchange?

The customer pays both ways. Stiefelmann Shoes SA will only use a 3-5 day service. The customer will pay for an overnight service if required. For Warranty claims Stiefelmann Shoes SA will not charge.

Is there a charge for delivery?
There are no extra delivery charges, prices include courier charges.

Do you have a shop?

Not yet.

I live in Johannesburg and would like to know if you have samples to try on?

We carry quite a few items in stock that we use for fits.We can arrange to meet you and bring a sample to try on if we have it in stock.

How is payment done?

Once you have completed the order, payment can be done by EFT, or you can choose to pay by credit card using the Payfast Payment Gateway.