Susan ‘’Sue’’’ Nxumalo known as a go-getting, forward-thinking, ever stylish entrepreneur and proud founder and owner of Stiefelmann Shoes SA.


Is a die-hard shoe fanatic, lover of all things fashionable, truly believes that wearing what you feel best in, and keeping it stylish and user-friendly, doesn’t have to be that difficult? ‘’When you’re comfortable, you’re happy, and when you’re happy, the world becomes your oyster’’. And as fate would have it on a Shopping holiday In Brazil. She came across a revolutionary store that would change the direction of her life and now the hearts of many South African women. The innovative Stiefelmann interchangeable Shoes captured her attention and immediately knew that a solution to the disheartening task of having to carry around outfit ruining pumps was now right in front of her.


As habit would have its way, she got herself a few pairs and was transfixed by the practicality of her new favorite shoe collection. Not being selfish she, as usual, talked her way to meeting the designer, who evidently was also the founder. Mr. Roberto Stiefelmann and Sue discussed expanding the 21st-century equivalent to the discovery of fire, to South African Shores, and Stiefelmann Shoes SA was Born.